We offer a wide range of classes at various time to accommodate the various needs of you our members!

  •   Crossfit

    Crossfit Class
  •   On-Ramp

    Fundamentals of CrossFit movements for new members
  •   Olympic LIfting

    This class will focus on the Olympic lifts (Clean and Jerk, and Snatch) and all the elements and skills required to improve them: power, speed, and explosiveness.
  •   Clinic

  •   Gamer WOD

    Advanced CF skills and Workouts
  •   Hyperion Endurance

    CrossFit Endurance. Designed to augment CrossFit workouts specifically for endurance athletes. Open to everybody.
  •   Kids Class

    Healthy movement and games for kids ages 6-11 yrs.
  •   Youth Class

    Healthy movement, games, and some functional lifts for youth ages 12-18
  •   Open Gym

  •   Women's Only