Wall Walk Hell

This workout was the Crossfit Hyperion WOD 1 time on 12/22/2012

Girl/Girl, Guy/Guy partners are preferred

5 Rounds for time. At the beginning of each round you must complete 10 wall walks. The resting partner must hold the plank position. If the plank partner breaks form you lose a rep. At the end of each round you must complete the following. 1 partner working at a time.

1. 30 Burpees

2. 30 Squat Cleans (65/95)

3. 100 Double Unders

4. 1000 meter row

5. 40m Sled push (90lb) with partner riding for 20m then switch

First come, first served to the rowers and sleds. So be fast!


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Result Type: Time |  Average: 20 mins 45 secs |  Record: 15 mins 25 secs held by <a href="/profiles/9639">Casey Child</a>
Taken 8 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Casey ChildRXed 15 mins 25 secs12/24/2012
2Jeff PetersonRXed 18 mins 58 secs12/22/2012
3Lindsay HendersonRXed 19 mins 7 secs12/22/2012
4Shannon PeckRXed 19 mins 7 secs12/22/2012
5Layne ThompsonRXed 20 mins 35 secs12/22/2012
6Brigitte ShamyModified 22 mins 45 secs12/22/2012
7Blake BrysonModified 24 mins 12 secs12/22/2012
8Lori Ann WilliamsModified 25 mins 51 secs12/22/2012
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