Back Squat 1 Rep Max

This workout was the Crossfit Hyperion WOD 1 time on 01/07/2012

Back Squat

Find one rep max.

Then: Partner WOD- No rest!

200 AS

150 SU

100 PU

Resting partner must rest in the bottom of the AS and in the Plank position on the PU


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Result Type: Load |  Average: 216 lbs |  Record: 350 lbs held by <a href="/profiles/10257">Sean Stosich</a>
Taken 6 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Sean StosichRXed 350 lbs01/07/2012
2Casey ChildRXed 275 lbs01/07/2012
3Doug KaufmanRXed 235 lbs01/07/2012
4Lindsay HendersonRXed 165 lbs01/07/2012
5Samantha KanzlerModified 150 lbs01/07/2012
6Krista GoeringerRXed 125 lbs01/07/2012

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Ha ha! Had to have Bruce stand on my shoulders.
Sean, I didn't know we had that much weight at the gym.
There's my guy!
Oh crap, I thought it said "max back squat while only standing on one leg". I should probably do it again using both legs.
don't lie Casey
It looks like you have not yet taken this workout.