At the beginning of 2012 my wife Darcie decided to join the CrossFit Hyperion gym. Soon after joining she was pushing me to come and try it out. I really wasn’t interested in going to any gym since I have never owned a gym membership and never worked out. Until this point, my exercise included playing sports and as of a couple of years ago I picked up running.

In February Darcie finally got me to go with her so that I could see what she had been doing. She got me to join her for my first workout which I don’t remember much of the workout other than we had to throw a medicine ball up high on the wall and I almost puked part way through. I didn’t go back for a week and that whole week I was crazy sore.

Since I like getting to spend anytime I can with Darcie I decided to go again. Again the workout killed me. But since it was a totally different workout than my first one it killed totally different muscles. I decided to give it a month and sign up which again was huge for me since I am not a fan of the ‘GYM’.

After month 1 I was hooked. Here is a list of a few things that I really like about Hyperion Crossfit in no particular order: friends and family atmosphere, short and to the point workouts, workouts are always changing, I get to hang out with my spouse and extra hour a day, always challanged, awesome instructors who help every step of the way.

I started noticing that my recovery time was going down fast and my level of endurance was going up. During my ultimate frisbee games I wouldn’t get tired. In the mornings I was a rarely sore.

30 Day Challenge:

So after one of the Saturday workouts I went home to do yard work. Darcie told me that she was going to the nutrition class and that she would be back in an hour. After more than 2 hours she finally came home and told me I had to come and weigh in which I politely declined. Next thing I know I am at the gym waiting in line to weigh in and find out my body/fat percentage.

15.2 was my body/fat percentage. Maybe a little higher than I would have liked but not too bad. Next thing I know Darcie has committed both of us for $20 a piece in to the 30 day health challenge. For the next 30 days I just ate things that Darcie made me and things that James Jensen, long time friend and co-worker, said that I could eat.

30 days later I was down to 9.2 percent. But that is not all. I dropped 2 inches off my waist line, gained 3+ pounds of muscle, lowered my cholesterol, ran a half marathon 10 minutes faster (with training) than I had 2 years before with out the week recovery time that I needed before, ran Ragnars Wasatch Back the next weekend and ran my best times ever for distance, and climbed Timpanogos Mountain all in a week and a few days time. The day after my Timp climb I went to crossfit and RX’d the ‘Jason’ workout.

100 Air Squats
5 Muscle Ups
75 Air Squats
10 Muscle Ups
50 Air Squats
15 Muscle Ups
25 Air Squats
30 Muscle Ups

Considering the most I had ever put together in a single sitting was 3 muscle ups I thought this was huge.

Thanks for the support.

Darin Warren


This is long overdue. CrossFit. How can I sum up my love for it? I just hit my year mark. I started CrossFit February 1st of last year. These “before” pictures were taken over Valentine’s last year. I had 18 more lbs or body fat then on my body... still … after my 6th baby had already turned a year. After each baby it got a little tougher to lose the baby weight. The thought crossed my mind that this is where my body may stay from here on out... I AM getting older. I HAVE had 6 kids. Also, after having my 6th I was convinced there was something seriously wrong with me, (possibly a slight hypochondriac) I would get numbness, blurred vision at times, headaches, and after many expensive and extensive tests, they didn’t find anything to attribute it to. But, in the back of my mind I knew it had to be from less than ideal diet and being a little overweight. It was time to spend a little more effort on taking care of myself.

After my friend Shannon had told me about CrossFit, I decided to come try a free class. The first time I walked in that gym, although intimidating, I fell in love with it. This was my idea of exercise... high intensity, with a huge variety of movements and workouts each day that can leave you feeling more worked in a shorter period of time than anything I have ever done before. Because of the cost being higher than a Gold’s Gym membership, I told my husband and friends that I was just going to do it for a couple months to kick start myself back into better shape.... but, I probably already knew at that point that I would never look back. And now, the cost is minimal for what I get back from it... my health, fitness, energy, an amazing gym, trainers and people who are my second family. It actually SAVES me from spending money on shopping, and expensive doctor visits. The previously mentioned symptoms are now nonexistent.

Since I have started CrossFit I have had more ambition to eat better. I had never cared enough to change my diet just for the way I look but, now it is for health and performance. It is amazing how far I have come since I have started, even though I have always considered myself a pretty tough chick. But, I am still progressing in my abilities and strengths. This change is all from CrossFit and eating right. I do not supplement besides fish oil and don’t even drink protein powder. It’s exercise and diet.

I know not everyone would walk into a CrossFit gym and love it the way I did, but, I am confident to say everyone would love CrossFit if they gave it some time. It is the best crosstraining method for any sport. Since I have started CrossFit, I found myself ditching my running buddies more and more, but, I have gone out and ran a half marathon and Ragnar.. ran just as fast, felt amazing, and was back training at the gym two days later feeling better than I had ever felt before. I am a believer! CrossFit is a way to find or refind the athlete within. Every movement has a scaled down version and truly anyone can benefit in whatever condition they may be in. Thanks CrossFit Hyperion!

-Darcie Warren


36 year old, married dad with 5 kids. I have been working out at the gym for over 8 years trying to find the right workout to do in order to fulfill my goals. I have read books, spoke with trainers and tried a few diets over those long years and I never got the results I wanted. Sure I built up some muscle a few times but it seemed like I was never getting anywhere. So when one of my best friends told me about the crossfit gym I had my doubts.

I started at the CrossFit Hyperion gym in American fork about three months ago and I was welcomed right in, I worked out for a couple of days for free and I could see that this was no ordinary gym workout and I was going to see results, I was hooked! Since then I have lost over 10lbs of fat and over 31% of my body fat. I went from 15 - 17% body fat to 9% The staff and trainers are so great, they showed me how to do each workout... RIGHT! and I wasn’t too long before I was doing things I never thought I could do. Surprisingly the workouts were a lot shorter then what I was used to, most of the workouts we do are about 15 minutes long but they are fast and brutal, rendering the best results. At the other gym I wasted about 2 hrs of my day.

Not only do you have the support of your trainers but you have a community of people that care about you and want to see you succeed! A big difference from just bumming around the gym is, everyone did does the same workout and you're all pushing each other to do your best. For me there has been a few times where I didn’t feel like I could do anymore and one of the other crossfitters will yell out “James, you can do it!”. The support you have here makes a HUGE difference in your workout.

I’m here now, I’m a permanent resident, I love crossfit, I know that this community and training works. I have seen the benefits in my life and I have support and tools I need to continue to live a healthier, better, exciting lifestyle throughout the rest of my life.

Thanks so much, CrossFit Hyperion!!

James M. Jensen


So a little about me, I have always loved being active, whether it be spin class, dance, kick boxing or just simply working out at a gym. I was a Golds Gym member for 6+ years and I loved it, although, leaving the gym I would feel like I could have pushed myself harder. I didn’t know much about lifting weights and felt out of place staring into a mirror not knowing what, or how to lift, with all these bulky men around me. I used that as an excuse to not try new things, therefore, I stuck to my normal workout routine of cardio then using some weight machines. I kept getting frustrated with myself not seeing the results I wanted fast enough.

When I was pregnant with my baby, Jett, I had a hard time making it to the gym due to feeling sick and tired all the time, so I put on some good weight during pregnancy. This was extremely frustrating because I have never been “overweight” my entire life, I have always been average weight for my height. So I knew after I had him things had to change. I went to Golds Gym 5-6 days a week consistently for 8-9 months, and while there was some change happening, the progress was just too slow for me. When I heard from my husband how incredible crossfit was, I finally gave in and went to try it out for the free week (secretly in my mind I knew I was going to be addicted before I even stepped foot in the gym). Day one of crossfit literally about killed me and I couldn’t straighten my arms after the first week, which basically means I fell in love with it. The atmosphere was so different from just any other gym, everyone was excited to be there and everyone was encouraging those around them to give it their all. The thing I loved most was, the person who finished the workout last was just as important as the person who finished it first. Everyone is working on their own personal goals and trying to break their own personal records, all while having a good time with everyone around them.

Within my first 3 months I lost 9lbs and a total body inch loss of 13 inches, I feel amazing about my results so far knowing that I haven’t just been “losing weight” I have been building muscle. I feel strong and energized and I look forward to going to the gym everyday, with Crossfit Hyperion to thank for it. Bruce, Trevor, and all the other trainers are extremely knowledgeable and so much fun to be around. The atmosphere that they have created at Hyperion is amazing, we are all like a big family, kickin butt and having a good time. Crossfit has definitely changed my life and I know anyone who tries it will fall in love. Thanks Hyperion!

-Kalani Bryson


I have scoliosis. When i was 14, i was told it wasn't serious enough to worry about. Fast forward several years and after having my fourth baby, I had to go see a doctor to see what was going on, because my back kept "catching", once dropping me and my newborn to the ground and leaving me out of commission for a day or two at a time. They took X-rays and found that both of my curvatures increased significantly enough that surgery would eventually be necessary. Three more babies later and it was seeming inevitable that I wouldn't be able to put off the surgery much longer. I had back pain everyday. Nights were the worst. Starting at about 3 am, the back muscles just killed, trying to support my switchback of a spine. My doctor gave me a sheet of paper with some muscle building movements, but as far as that sheet got was into my junk drawer. I was super skeptical of crossfit when I heard about it...I don't work out. My back is weird. I have too many little kids to find the time and energy to do something that intense. However, I was quickly reaching the end of my rope....the 5 or 6 times my baby was getting up in the night were actually a reprieve from my back pain. I needed to do something so when I heard about the kid care and the promo Hyperion was running at the time, I went....very hesitantly. That was November 2012 and I can't even begin to describe the difference it has made in my life. Everyone talks about the typical result, losing weight and toning your body. And all that has happened for me too and i love that, but the most significant difference for me is my sleep. I can sleep, without pain. Through crossfit, I've been able to strength the muscles that support my pathetically twisted spine. (Next time you see me, I can show you what I mean) this isn't to say I won't ever need surgery, but it has certainly been put off indefinitely. The trainers at Hyperion have helped me make adjustments to some of the movements so I don't injure myself. The Hyperion community of crossfitters has quickly become like a second family. I have made friendships there that I cherish. I don't look at it as working out...I look at is a hanging out with a bunch of my girlfriends. Oh....and my dead lift has increased 40 pounds in about 2 months.

Erika Munns Anderson


I can't say enough good things about Crossfit Hyperion. I've been training here for about 10 months. Before Hyperion I tried every different way of getting in shape- gym memberships, a personal trainer, even training for triathlons. Crossfit is the first thing that I'm not only consistent with- I look forward to exercising every day.
Trevor and Bruce are awesome, and the whole community at the gym is very welcoming from day 1. I felt like they genuinely cared about me and where I wanted to be. Being a part of that group has made me stronger, more athletic, more mentally tough. It led me not just to be physically stronger, but to eat healthier and feel like I am more confident and better in every area of my life.
I seriously love Crossfit Hyperion. It's been a life changer for me. Can't recommend these guys enough!

-Mike Schreiner

I started training at Crossfit Hyperion about 6 months ago and have been very happy with the results. When my wife first wanted to try out Crossfit I was very hesitant and little bit skeptical. I ran a couple of times a week in addition to playing soccer and didn't think that Crossfit would make much of a difference. I was also very nervous about interacting with trainers and other people at the gym. My limited experiences in previous gyms were not very positive and made me think that most people were there to show off rather than to actually work. I agreed to go to Hyperion with my wife and at least try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found there. After the first two days I was more sore than I had ever been and could immediately tell that my body was in desperate need of conditioning that I wasn't getting from running alone. After only a few weeks I could already tell that I was much stronger and fitter than I thought I would be. The second pleasant surprise was the people. Trevor, Bruce, and the other trainers were nicer and more concerned about me than I thought they would be. The other members were supportive and made me feel like I was a part of a community. I have consistently been impressed that the small triumphs of people are so warmly treated and celebrated by everyone there. I have felt very supported and have felt that the trainers see that I can do more and push me because my fitness is important to them.
I am 35 years old and have never been in better shape in my life. When I started I was 195 lbs and now am 170 lbs. I have gained strength and endurance. I feel like I can achieve more but I now see that I can do it. Thanks Hyperion!

Thanks guys,
Michael Mella.


I started at Hyperion in November 2012 after seeing such amazing results on a few of my friends that go to Hyperion. I was SUPER nervous because I am not exactly a person who works out...ever. I literally haven't stepped foot in a gym in prob 4 years and even when I did go I wandered around not knowing where to start. I was a dancer so I got notes from my dance instructor to get out of P.E in high school. So I, no lie, have never lifted a weight in my life. I'm 28. So my husband was thinking I wouldn't make it through one class. So my first class came, and not only did I live through it, I loved it! From the minute you walk in everyone is so friendly and helpful. Everyone was cheering me on even though I was stacking a few weights for box jumps and using the plastic pipes for thrusters! I have came so much further in these last few months than I ever expected. I seriously look forward to coming everyday. I have made such good friends and have such a good time. I have 2 kids. A 2 yr old and 7 months. So I was feeling pretty depressed about how I looked and how out of shape I was. I am already seeing such amazing results. I haven't seen my butt this lifted since I was 16! I honestly have never felt better about myself. The staff at Hyperion are so amazing and all have helped me so much. I am obsessed with all of them. They inspire me and push me. I feel so lucky to be a member at Hyperion. I can't imagine ever working out anywhere else. I'm a lifer baby! So long story short, if I can do it and enjoy, than ANYONE can. Trust me.

-Cherice Anderson


I have always been really athletic and love being active. Even though I am good at sports I have never considered myself to be physically strong. I could never do "real" push-ups or pull-ups. I was never a big weight lifter and really didn't know how to make a workout plan for me that I would see results. I have always been slender, but never really muscular, especially my upper body. I had a couple of friends who had done crossfit and the results they were getting were incredible to me. After I had my baby 7 months ago I was very down on myself because I wasn't able to do anything active during my pregnancy due to complications I was having. I felt really gross and out of shape. I heard about the Women's only class at Hyperion and tried it out. I fell in love after the first class and signed myself up! I am now doing things I have never done. I can do push-ups now and recently started doing unassisted pull-ups. I am lifting heavier than when I started a few months ago. My body is awesome. I have muscles I never knew were there. The most important thing I have gained is more confidence in myself. I love the way I feel. I love the way I look. I love the things I am able to do. Hyperion is so great. The trainers are so genuine and are so excited when we hit milestones. Trevor and Bruce are so welcoming and encouraging. Thank you for giving me more confidence in my abilities!

-Melinda Folkman Christensen


I'll be 53 years old next month. I love Crossfit. I can't quite keep up with the younger guys, but they motivate me and I have lots of fun. I'm just happy to be able to stay fit, and enjoy myself while I'm doing it. I lost 2% body fat last month during the Whole30 challenge.
I especially like how I get ALL my muscles worked. It's made a big difference for my lower back. Hasn't done much for my hemorrhoids, but, hey, you can't have everything, right?

-Rick Priddis

My husband started crossfit in April of 2012. I was pregnant at the time, so I just enjoyed hearing about his insane workouts and I definitely enjoyed the results he was getting. I decided that as soon as I had the baby, I would try it out for myself and see if I could get similar results. It’s like the stars aligned for me, because 7 weeks after my baby was born, Hyperion started the woman’s only class. I was terrified to start, but I was just as much determined to try.

I fell in love after my first class. Sure, I felt like I might die, but I loved the workout, the atmosphere, and everything about Hyperion from day 1. Lindsay, Jenny, and Darcie have been incredible trainers. They are knowledgeable and motivate me to want to do more. I’ve always been somewhat active, but when I used to work out, my goal was to be skinny. Now, my goal is to be strong, and I feel like there is a huge mindset difference that comes with that. Crossfit is empowering to me. I’ve done things that I never thought I could, and seen improvements in myself in the last 3 months that I couldn’t have imagined when I first began.

I seriously love Crossfit Hyperion. Love the owners, the trainers, the WODs, the atmosphere, and the awesome friends that I've made there.

-Jenna Van Buren


Crossfit Hyperion has really changed my life for the better. Before coming in I had totally lost my exercise habits, I was way out of shape, and my eating was the worst it had ever been in my life.

After a month of Crossfitting and eating a bit cleaner I decided to do the whole30 challenge, which for me was beyond a huge change in diet. My diet before consisted of lots of fast food, candy, energy drinks etc....

After the 30 day challenge I went from 16% body fat to 11.8% losing over 25% of my body fat, and had gone from 216 lbs when I started to goto Hyperion down to 194, Down 22 lbs and showing big gains in endurance, strength and flexibility.

Although I have only been coming actively for a little over two months from the gains I have seen physically, and the way that I feel mentally about working out I would recommend Crossfit Hyperion to anyone and everyone from 15 years old to 115 years old.... seriously though. I find myself anxiously waiting for the WOD to get posted for the next day, I find myself watching Crossfit Videos all day long, and I even do a few rounds of Cindy throughout the day when I'm jonesing for a Crossfit Fix. I'm addicted.

Excited for what the future holds with Crossfit! Looking forward to participating in the Open and continuing to progress beyond what I have already seen! I plan to Crossfit for the next several years of my life!

Thanks Hyperion.


A little over a year ago, my health was in ultimate decline. I'd done the Gold's scene for many years, but never consistently and always with a sense of sadness that I could not get my body to look the way I wanted it to, neither could I get it to function the way I wanted it to. I’d been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 4 years earlier, but things were out of control…especially when I finally got my thyroid removed in May 2011. After gaining nearly 20 pounds that summer, and wanting to jump off a cliff every time I stepped on a scale, I begged my doctor for help. He recommended a nutritionist who recommended I look into Crossfit. I found Hyperion Crossfit right by my house almost immediately. I went for the first time last November and I've never looked back. Although my before and after pictures aren’t nearly as dramatic, and although I have a long way to go for my personal preferences, I am a completely new person. Hyperion Crossfit, Bruce, Trevor, my amazing Hyperion friends, and the accompanying diet changes have literally saved my life. In November 2011 when I started Crossfit, I weighed 162lbs…which was my 8 months pregnant weight. It was mortifying. I had 36% body fat in a body composition test. The technician actually did the test 3 times because he couldn’t figure out where I was hiding 36% body fat, but it was there. Last week when I did another body composition test, I weighed 160lbs with 24.2% body fat. My progress has been slow and steady, with an almost pound for pound trade off--losing a pound of fat, gaining a pound of muscle. Additionally, I went from 98lbs of lean muscle mass to 118lbs of lean muscle mass in 15 months. Aside from the numbers, I LOVE working out, I love how I feel, I love how my body is changing before my eyes, I LOVE my Hyperionites, and I love how my kids will have me around for much, much longer…and not just “around”, racing them across the playground, playing soccer alongside them, and teaching them what it means to be healthy and happy!


Why didn't I start crossfit sooner? My whole life I have been physically active. Whether it was dance, running, zumba or teaching a variety of aerobic classes, I have always been healthy. After recently having my first child, It became apparent to me that becoming fit was going to be much harder this time. Although I worked out up until I delivered, ( literally, my water broke while teaching aerobics at 41 weeks) I could not get the baby weight off. Before I was cleared from the Dr. I was back running, dancing, and zumbaing. But it wasn't enough. I then found crossfit and I'm so grateful I did. Though I have only been going to Hyperion for 3 months, I have MORE confidence then ever and I'm starting to see muscles I have NEVER SEEN BEFORE. My endurance is increasing and I'm becoming stronger then I have ever been. Hyperion welcomed me like family and I look forward to going each day. The trainers push me to new levels that I alone could not take myself. I know I will reach my fitness goals by continuing to attend Crossfit Hyperion. I LOVE HYPERION!!
- Robyn Warner