Paul Diamond

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Workout History

Date Workout Result Notes Action
05/23/2012 Helen RXed 12:52
05/21/2012 Wittman RXed 26:50
02/29/2012 Steamroller RXed 19:32
02/28/2012 Deadly AMRAP Mod 11 rounds 315# dead lifts 4 jumping muscle ups 8 KB swings 70#
02/27/2012 Steamroller RXed 19:32
02/08/2012 Japan WOD 1 RXed 20:33
02/01/2012 Lynne RXed 101 225# bp
01/16/2012 Cindy RXed 12 rounds
01/11/2012 Max Deadlift RXed 415 lbs 10 rounds of pull-ups
01/10/2012 A little of this and that RXed 5 rounds 70lbs. Kettle Bell
01/09/2012 Elizabeth Mod 11:39 Scaled dips with feet on a box.
01/02/2012 Drunk and Hungover Angie Mod 17:58 I was the odd man out on this one, so I went at it alone for 50 of each. Did it as prescribed except for the last 20 Pull-ups which I scaled with the small green band.
12/31/2011 New Years Throwdown rehash RXed 10:53 Great Job Beth!!! you were an awesome partner.
12/24/2011 Christmas Eve Two step Mod 29:00 Wow that was a WOD, forearms are still on fire. I hope you all have a great Christmas and see you next week.
12/23/2011 3 Rounds Mod 09:41 Scaled ring dips on last round.
12/19/2011 Angie Mod 30:21 It's been 2 months since I have done any Crossfit WOD's and then decided to come back on the day we were doing "Angie", my glutton for punishment and boy, am I feeling it today. What a WOD to end my sabbatical on. But watch out cause "I'm Back".


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